About Us

Welcome to your world of Hola Shpal clothing designs.

Hola Shpal consists of a team of four youngsters who continously strive to ensure that the brand stands out in the most unique way.

We are on the edge of not only designing clothing but also to create a culture behind the brand. We have been around since March 2010 but before we could think about designing t-shirts we had to get guidance from fashion designers and others who run their own local clothing labels. We are up to date with all that is happening in the clothing industry and what it really is that young people want.

The main focus of Hola Shpal Designs as a brand is to keep our consumers happy at all times by providing quality products. We have a wide range for adults and for kids.

Hola Shpal Hola Baba le label izaku rocka all the time.
Upcoming Events

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