Welcome to the world of Hola Shpal Designs.

Hola Shpal is a greeting which is mostly used by people in the townships of South Africa. The word "Hola" is Spanish in origin and is used to greet, but in South Africa, throughout our generation it has been a slang word commonly used for greeting in the townships.
The word "Shpal" is a slang word for "Sbali" which is a Nguni word that is used as a sign of respect to greet a brother-in-law. Nguni is a group of people who share common ancestory and that speak a similar language like isiZulu, Ndebele, isiSwati and Xhosa.
The concept of Hola Shpal Designs was to create a brand which everyone can relate to, as people are familiar with the greeting in townships and what it really stands for. The logo shows a hand holding up two fingers which is a sign of greeting and a sign of peace.

Hola Shpal Designs is a local clothing designer brand which was established in March 2010. Its first production of clothing was in May 2010 specialising in a variety of clothing from t-shirts to caps. It is a fun, funky, hip and happening brand. It is not defined by age, race and gender. It is a brand designed for everyone. We also feature a kiddie's range for all age groups. Hola Shpal Hola Baba!!!
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